Martin Elsman gave a presentation titled Global Systems Science meets Programming Languages and Systems at the Global Systems Science conference in Brussels on June 11; see the abstract for the talk below.

After returning to DIKU, Martin gave an overview presentation of what Global Systems Science is all about. See also the Global Systems Science blog and the Global Systems Science Synthesis paper.

Global Systems Science meets Programming Languages and Systems

Martin Elsman

In this talk, we demonstrate how functional programming and domain specific languages, in particular, can be useful for effectively deriving performance efficient programs and systems. As an example, we outline a system for specifying financial contracts (used in practice by the financial industry) and demonstrate the effect of applying programming language technology to derive tools for pricing contracts efficiently on modern parallel hardware. We argue that research in managing and querying big data and efficiently performing big computations (simulations), as for instance carried out by the HIPERFIT research center, is a central ingredient of the development of a Global Systems Science. PDF.


24 June 2013