Welcome to HIPERFIT!

HIPERFIT is a joint research center addressing the simultaneous challenges of high transparency, high computational performance and high productivity in finance, employing an integrated approach of financial mathematics, domain specific languages, parallel functional programming, and high-performance systems.

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The Research Setup

HIPERFIT is an acronym for Functional High-Performance Computing for Financial IT. The center gathers research in different communities: mathematical finance, programming languages, high-performance systems, and application experts from the financial sector.

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Hosted by KU

The HIPERFIT research center is hosted by the University of Copenhagen and includes a number of funding partners from the Danish financial industry. The center is open for new collaborators from industry and commerce.

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The HIPERFIT Research Center holds biannual workshops to foster interdisciplinary cooperation and attract researchers and practicioners for future cooperation.

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Student Projects

We are continuously looking for students interested in student projects within the research areas of HIPERFIT. If you are interested in a student project, please look at suggested student projects and talk to project members for more information.

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HIPERFIT - the Movie

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Bi-weekly Seminars

HIPERFIT (co-)organises bi-weekly seminars (usually on Tuesdays in even weeks). In odd weeks, HIPERFIT researchers and associates meet over lunch to discuss the current status of projects, topics for collaboration, and ideas for new projects and investigations.

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