On Friday May 24, 2013, Brian Vinter’s group at the Niels Bohr Institute is arranging a Bohrium workshop called the “Bohrium Day”.

Place: at NBI - see Bohrium Day venue information.

Registration: Please send an email to “vinter at nbi.dk”.


See the detailed program.


Bohrium is a “Plug-and-play” high-performance backend targeting CPU clusters and other parallel architectures, such as GPGPUs. The goal of the Bohrium project is to provide a runtime environment for efficiently executing vectorized applications using a variety of programming languages (Python/NumPy, C#, F#) on a variety of platforms (Linux, Windows and MacOSX).

By collecting bytecode instructions at runtime and by generating (and caching) efficient GPU kernels, programmers may utilize end-user’s clusters of GPUs and multi-core CPUs without having to program these new architectures explicitly.

The Bohrium project is a part of the HIPERFIT research center.


17 May 2013