Today, the financial sector faces daunting computational challenges, involving both an increased demand for performance and increased transparency requirements. In addition, time-to-market is increasingly important for financial applications, both by commercial software developers and in-house.

The joint research center HIPERFIT attempts to solve the simultaneous challenges of high transparency, high computational performance and high productivity through an integrated approach combining research in financial mathematics, declarative domain specific languages, parallel functional programming, and high-performance systems. Besides the research component, application experts from the financial sector contribute cutting edge knowledge from their respective fields to bear on problems transcending their own field of expertise.

Funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research (DSF), under grant no. 10-092299, the research center HIPERFIT was founded in

  1. The name HIPERFIT stands for Functional high-performance computing for financial information technology. The center started as a joint effort of researchers and selected founding partners from the financial industry. It is open for new collaborators from industry and commerce.

HIPERFIT stands for research in tailor-made expressive programming languages, frameworks, tools and technologies for financial modeling, and effective use of modern parallel hardware without compromising correctness, transparency or portability.

Research themes in HIPERFIT