Do you know promising parallel functional programmers? HIPERFIT currently seeks to employ two PhD scholars in the area of parallel functional programming.

The objective of the PhD projects is to develop, implement, and evaluate techniques related to efficiently executing high-level, functional specifications of both numeric and symbolic computations on modern, highly parallel computational platforms – such as large-scale grids and clusters, multi- and many-core CPUs, GPGPUs, and FPGAs. According to the overall goal of HIPERFIT, the results will be applied in the domain of financial computations, but are expected to be of more general interest.

Candidates are expected to have a solid academic background in relevant areas, including several of: programming language theory and implementation, parallel algorithms, high-performance computing, and large-scale functional-programming. Experience in financial math or stochastic modeling are helpful, but not essential or required. A full description of the positions and working conditions, along with requirements and a list of compulsory application material, can be found on the respective page.

Applications have to be submitted via the online system of the university of Copenhagen (please read about the required documents before).

The deadline is July 30, 2012

Apart from that, we would like to wish you a good summer vacation. The next seminar will be held in late August and announced in a separate newsletter after the main holiday period.

Best regards from HIPERFIT


06 July 2012