We hope you enjoyed our last events, the October seminar and the invited talk by Kevin Hammond about parallel Haskell and “Paraforming”. With this newsletter, we announce our next events.

After the internal talks in October, our November seminar features two external talks.

First, Mogens Høgh Jensen from NBI (KU) will tell us about “Complex Systems and Econophysics – Asymmetries in the Stock Market”. Econophysics is a relatively new area where complex systems modelling is applied to explain economic phenomena.

Second, Kourosh Marjani Rasmussen and Ekkart Kindler from IMM/DTU present recent results about “FXSL – a domain specific language for generating and testing FX strategies”. This domain-specific language enables foreign exchange (FX) traders and analysts to quickly develop trading strategies, and to test them on historic data using a suitable tool.

Please find the complete abstracts in our event calendar.

As usual, the seminar will be held on the first Tuesday of the month: November 1st, 15:00 in meeting room A+B (Foyer) at DIKU, Universitetsparken 1.

Further, we would like to announce the 2nd HIPERFIT workshop on December 1st and 2nd. A more elaborate call for participation will follow and the workshop programme is not entirely fixed yet, but it is a good idea to reserve some time for this exciting event. We are looking forward to a bouquet of international researchers who present their recent work in connection with HIPERFIT. Amongst others, we are looking forward to hearing about: Collateral flows and counterparty-risk-neutral swap rates, declarative array programming, high-throughput portfolio processing, a hybrid high-performance database system architecture, and other talks.

The workshop will be held on December 1st and 2nd in auditoriums of the HCØ institute (Universitetsparken 5). More details and the complete programme will follow.

We hope to see you at both of these events!

Best regards from HIPERFIT