It is time for another newsletter with forthcoming events.

Our monthly seminar will be held on Tuesday October 4, 3pm (in Mødelokale A/B), featuring two talks by academic HIPERFIT members.

Professor Brian Vinter will introduce us to Vectorisation, with examples in NumPy (numeric Python). Brian’s group is working on a vectorising multi-platform backend for different languages. The second talk, by Ken Friis Larsen, is entitled “What shall we do with a drunken sailor?” Ken will present a case study of a “drunken sailor walk”.

Furthermore, we would like to announce another exciting HIPERFIT talk by a guest of ours. From October 17 to 19, we are happy to host Kevin Hammond, Professor of Computer Science at the University of St.Andrews, where he leads the Functional Programming research group. Kevin is a Haskeller of the first hour (he wrote the first Haskell compiler), and profiscient in parallel Haskell for more than 20 years. His research interests are in cost modelling, parallelism and real-time and embedded systems.

On October 17, 3:00pm, Kevin will give a talk on “ParaForming”, applying novel refactoring techniques in order to parallelise Haskell programs (also including a discussion of parallel patterns and skeletons). The talk will be held in the DIKU small auditorium (Lille UP1). Everybody is welcome, no registration is required.

So, we hope to see you all at these talks, but we also have reading material for you: The master students Michael Werk and Joakim Ahnfelt-Rønne have finished and defended their thesis about “Pricing composable contracts on the GP-GPU” last week. They did a great job and obtained the highest grade.

Congratulations Michael and Joakim!

The thesis is available online from the publication page on our HIPERFIT website.

Last but not least, a paper describing our HIPERFIT research for an audience of functional programming researchers has been accepted at the symposium “Trends in Functional Programming”. This symposium is post-refereed and was held already in May. We are now putting together the final version of the paper and will publish it on our publication page very soon (so Michael and Joakim do not feel lonely).

Best regards from HIPERFIT