The fourth HIPERFIT workshop is affiliated with ICFP’2012.

As our fourth workshop, HIPERFIT co-organises the workshop on Functional High-Performance Computing (FHPC 2012). This new workshop aims at bringing together researchers exploring declarative programming technology for large-scale and high performance computations, on parallel systems such as multi-core multi-processor systems, graphics accelerators (GPGPUs), reconfigurable hardware (FPGAs), large-scale compute clusters or combinations thereof.

Well in line with the HIPERFIT credo, FHPC aims to be a forum for new and well-founded methodologies for programming such systems, which address their inherent complexity and reconciles execution performance with programming productivity. The aim of the meeting is to enable sharing of results, experiences, and novel ideas about how high-level, declarative specifications of computationally challenging problems can serve as highly transparent, maintainable, and portable code that approaches (or even exceeds) the performance of machine-oriented imperative implementations.

As HIPERFIT co-organises the 2012 FHPC workshop, it comes with the particular theme of computational finance, and particularly encourages submissions with this background. Notwithstanding, the workshop welcomes submissions from any other application domains as much as general-purpose work on the theory and practice of declarative approaches to high-performance computing.