HIPERFIT Seminar Talk: Status of the GPU-targeting Futhark compiler

Presenter: Troels Henriksen, PhD. Student, DIKU/University of Copenhagen

Time: Tuesday, January 12, 2016, 15:15-16:00

Place: August Krogh Building (AKB), AUD 1, Universitetsparken 13, University of Copenhagen.


Futhark is a data-parallel programming language under development at HIPERFIT. The language supports nested data-parallelism and has an optimising compiler under development. This presentation gives a status update on recent Futhark development, with a particular focus on generation of efficient OpenCL GPU kernels and the steps automatically taken by the Futhark compiler to ensure efficient memory accesses. The presentation will always talk about various tradeoffs during code generation, and why it’s often not a good idea to exploit all the parallelism you have available.


Troels Henriksen is a PhD student at DIKU and works on the implementation and design of the HIPERFIT parallel-functional programming language Futhark.

Host: Martin Elsman and Cosmin Oancea


12 January 2016