HIPERFIT lunch talk: An Introduction to kdb+

Presenter: Conor Twomey, First Derivatives/Kx Systems.

Time: Tuesday May 12, 2015

Place: The APL Meeting Room at DIKU (Universitetsparken 5, Building B, Ground Floor)


Kx offers kdb+, a high-performance column-store database with a built-in expressive query and programming language, q. Used as a central repository to store time-series data within an enterprise, kdb+ supports real-time analysis of billions of records and fast access to terabytes of historical data. It also:

  • provides seamless scalability;
  • runs on industry standard server platforms;
  • is top-ranked in third-party benchmark testing;
  • has an extremely small footprint, which makes installation and maintenance fast and straightforward;
  • easily accommodates available APIs for connectivity to major external systems and modules;
  • requires fewer developers, contributing to lower total cost of ownership.


As Vice President of Kx Services at First Derivatives plc, Conor’s area of expertise is in building bespoke trading and risk systems and managing near-shore development centres of excellence out of Newry, Northern Ireland. He has previously worked with Goldman Sachs (New York), Citigroup (London), Nomura (New York) and Barcap (Toyko). In 2011 he was shortlisted to the final eight for the GradIreland Graduate Employee of the Year award. Conor is the editor-in-chief of FD’s kdb+ whitepaper series, has had a paper published in the Journal of Physics, is the Dublin leader of a World Economic Forum initiative called the “Global Shapers” and is a power forward for the Newry Flyers basketball team.

Host: Fritz Henglein


12 May 2015