Spring in Denmark is full of public holidays, and one of them (Grundlovsdag) is on the first Tuesday in June. Therefore, our next seminar will not be on Tuesday, but on Friday, June 8, and it starts already at 14:00.

The seminar features two talks from 14:00 to 15:30. After the talks, refreshments will be served.

The location is the usual one: Mødelokale A/B at DIKU, Universitetsparken 1.

First, we are happy to have Kostas Tzoumas from the Technical University of Berlin visiting us on Friday. Kostas Tzoumas is a senior researcher at the Technical University of Berlin. His research interests are data analytics, especially query processing and optimization in massively parallel environments. Kostas received his PhD from Aalborg University in 2011, and has also worked at the University of Maryland, and at Microsoft Research. He graduated in 2007 from the National Technical University of Athens.

In his seminar talk, Kostas will give us an introduction to “Big Data Analytics with Stratosphere”, a system that generalises Google’s MapReduce programming model and features a robust, cloud-enabled optimising execution engine.

In the second talk, Simon Lund will give us “A tutorial introduction to MiG”, a Grid middleware which can give HIPERFIT researchers access to high-performance hardware and shared storage, and includes virtual groups and collaboration software.

Simon Lund holds a degree in computer science from DIKU, and is currently a 4-year PhD student in HIPERFIT, supervised by Professor Brian Vinter. Simon worked with, and on, Minimum-intrusion-Grid on several occasions during his bachelor studies.

We look forward to seeing you at the seminar.

Best regards from HIPERFIT