Welcome to a short post-holiday newsletter, to remind you of our next seminar sessions which were already announced in a previous newsletter, including small changes in the schedule.

The next seminar session is already tomorrow, August 16. We are happy to announce two contributed practicioner’s talks on domain-specific languages for financial contracts.

  • Dirk Bangert (Bangert Research): “DSLs for Financial Contracts in Valuation and Risk Management”.

  • Carl Balslev Clausen (SimCorp): “XpressInstruments: a modelling framework for contract management and valuation”.

The following seminar session has been moved away from August 29 (previously announced), to September 6, so we can include a talk by our guest Jeroen Weijers from Tübingen, Germany. Jeroen (who is actually from the Netherlands) works in the database group of Torsten Grust, his research includes applying functional programming techniques and code transformations to database queries. An abstract and more details can soon be found in the HIPERFIT calendar.

As usual, time and location for seminars is 3:00pm in Mødelokale A+B, DIKU. We hope to see you for both seminar sessions!

Best regards from HIPERFIT


15 August 2011