The main holiday period is approaching, maybe some of you are enjoying beach and sun in the south.

However, while those will find this message late, others have the chance to meet someone who lives far more in the south than that - in Australia. We are happy to host Manuel Chakravarty, Professor of Computer Science in the University of New South Wales (Sydney). Manuel has been working on Data-Parallel Haskell for more than 10 years and is a driving force behind several strands of development in parallel array processing in Haskell.

On July 12, 2:00pm, Manuel will give a DIKU talk on data parallelism using Haskell, motivating both the use of functional programming as well as the appeal of data parallelism, and illustrating how data parallel Haskell programs look like in different variants.

After this overview talk, we will proceed with a more technical talk about the GPU-enabled Haskell array library Data.Array.Accelerate. This second talk is an extra issue of the HIPERFIT seminar.

About the seminar in general: We are running a “HIPERFIT summer seminar” during the summer period, with two HIPERFIT seminars in July and August.

  • The first session is next Tuesday, July 4; with speakers Rolf Poulsen (about American Options) and Brian Vinter (about Vectorisation).

  • The second session is the aforementioned talk by Manuel Chakravarty, on Tuesday, July 12.

  • We restart (after our own holiday period) on Tuesday, August 16, with a “DSL day”: Dirk Bangert talks about domain-specific languages for contract valuation. We hope to win additional speakers, so we can discuss more DSL variants (to be confirmed).

  • On August 30, we will have talks about programming languages for parallelism, by Fritz Henglein (about APL and SETL) and Andrzej Filinski (about NESL).

Time and location for all seminars is 3:00pm in Mødelokale A+B, DIKU. As usual, you can find these events in the HIPERFIT calendar.

And finally: The application deadline for some open positions within HIPERFIT is approaching. We wish to employ a total of six PhD scholars and postdoctoral researchers, and a center manager; the latter is a faculty position as an assistant or associate professor. Interested candidates are invited to apply until Monday, July 4.

Best regards from HIPERFIT, Jost Berthold


29 June 2011