Right after the Easter holiday, it is time for a quick update on HIPERFIT activities.

In particular, we would like to announce several events.

  • We are starting our monthly HIPERFIT Seminar on May 3. This semi-public recurring event will be held every first Tuesday of the month, and features talks for information interchange, reporting results, and generating new ideas.

  • On May 5, HIPERFIT proudly presents Dave Cliff, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Bristol, speaking about the “2010 Flash Crash”. No, this is not the latest security vulnerability of Adobe’’s ubiquitous multimedia plugin :-). “Flash Crash” refers to a sudden drop and rise of the US stock market on May 6 2010. Because of algorithmic high-frequency trading, the Dow Jones index lost around 9% - and recovered within minutes! Dave Cliff will give us his view on “large-scale socio-technical systems” and argue that society needs “principled evaluation of systemic risk”.

Both events are announced in our HIPERFIT event calendar, which you can find on the hiperfit web site.

  • Furthermore, we will hold the first HIPERFIT workshop on May 25, which is partially open to students and guest researchers. The agenda is being established at the moment; more details will follow as a calendar entry soon.

  • Last but not least, we can already announce a joint event of HIPERFIT and the EU project “Global Systems Dynamics and Policy” GSDP. Chalmers University of Technology is holding the workshop on “Domain Specific Languages for Economical and Environmental Modelling” DSL4EE near Gothenburg on June 16 and 17. A selection of world-class researchers will speak about domain-specific language technology and modelling, including Fritz Henglein about “DSLs for the financial sector”.

In other news, we are going to announce HIPERFIT open positions in early May. These include a DIKU professorship as the HIPERFIT Center Manager, with an interesting mix of research, administrative management and networking. Furthermore, a total of six PhD scholarships or post-doctoral positions in the four HIPERFIT research areas will be offered. More details can be found soon on the HIPERFIT web page.

Best regards from HIPERFIT


27 April 2011